Flower Tips for the Perfect Day

Posted by on July 01, 2015

At Elegance Florists we are especially proud of our Wedding Service. To help make a great day extra special we have put together a few tips for the Flowers to help make it perfect!

Trusting your florist: Communicate your vision, likes, dislikes, and expectations but have a little flexibility and be comfortable with substitution. We want to make your wedding absolutely breathtaking. So relax, put trust in your florist and remember why you hired that amazing talent!

Don't Book your florist last: Couples should begin the process of booking what they need by speaking to one company from each category before booking anyone. This way they can get an idea of what things cost and perhaps it might help their budget!

Compromise: A big mistake is for a bride to have her heart set on specific flowers and not be flexible. A florist can do a much better job if the bride asks for an overall look, feel, and color scheme and let the florist create it.

Don't Rule out expensive blooms: Don’t be scared of the expensive flowers. Expensive flowers may cover more space and have a greater impact. One particular bloom can have a greater impact than some bouquets!

Communicate with your florist: Knowing what you like is just as important as knowing what you don't like. Bring lots of pictures -- it is the best way to help convey what you do and do not want your floral designs to look like.