Caring for your Phalaenopsis Orchid

Posted by on May 22, 2015

Having been asked many times about the care of this beautiful Phalaenopsis plant, we have decided to write a few tips that we use here in our florists.One of the main pieces of advice that Zorica, our in house horticulturist here, recommends is that looking at its roots is the best guide for watering.

If your orchid is in a clear pot you will be able to see its root.
When the root is green and lush looking, it is hydrated.
When the root if grey it means they could use a drink.

Also where the plant is situated in your home/office and other factors will dictate how much watering it will need.
Orchids in warm areas (such as window sills), need to be watered every 7-10 days.
Orchids in cooler areas (Bathrooms), can wait a little longer, up to 2 weeks.

When you water, take to the sink, soak, and then let it drain of excess water.

Like ourselves, these beauties love lots of light. We advise not to re-pot as the roots can be disturbed and sulk.

When the flowers are finished flowering, you should do one of two things:
If the stem is green you can leave it alone, and keep watering as you have been doing when in flower.
If the stem is yellow you can cut it back completely.

We do not recommend singing to your plant.However, we have heard that it keeps it happy and it prospers longer!!!!!