"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

Posted by on 28th Sep 2015

It is believed when Shakespeare wrote those lines for Juliet he meant that no matter what it's name a Rose is always a Rose. It’s a flower everyone is familiar with and can immediately identify; however, browse through any wedding magazine or wedding blog and you’re sure to see a lot of Garden roses in bridal bouquets. So, what exactly is a garden rose and what makes it different from a standard or regular rose?

Roses are from the same family as many fruit trees (like cherries, apples, peaches and plums), berries (strawberries and raspberries), and even almonds. Drill down further you’ll find Roses have over 100 species. There is no single definitive system of categorizing roses, but most divide them into 3 main categories: Wild Roses, Old Garden Roses, ( Sometimes called Heritage Roses ) and Modern Roses - Wild  - These are wild roses; species that haven’t been hybridized by humans, so it’s about as natural a rose as you can get! - Old Garden Roses are species that were popular before the 20th century. Most of these are characterized by their hardiness (able to withstand a cold winter) and disease resistance. Modern Roses are the species that most people imagine when they picture roses. The largest class of these is Tea Roses and what we simply call “roses” (as opposed to “garden roses”). These are roses that will continually bloom.

In our picture the pink rose taking centre stage in this brides bouquet is a David Austin rose called Kiera. They are a very delicate rose and are wrapped up very carefully leaving there home from Holland. Upon arrival we carefully unwrap, cut stems at an angle and up the centre of rose.

We put them to a vase of hot water and give them a chance to breathe. They gently begin to bloom open and the scent from them is just heavenly!! Apart from their extreme beauty, the scent is a huge factor in why they are so popular with brides. We have to handle them with kid gloves but the end result is more than worth it. The "Kiera" David Austin rose is a firm favorite with all the florists in Elegance.

Wedding Flowers making a special day memorable.

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Flower Tips for the Perfect Day

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Welcome to Elegance Florists Online! We are delighted to launch our new online shop today. We have put a lot if work into its development and I would like to thank all our staff for their invaluable input. We're very pleased with the results and hope you are too.Product RangeThere are lots of handtied [...]

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